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I keep falling down.

But below my soul I feel an engine.

It is Keep pushing on and on and on! to conquer new frontiers…

– Get rid of Boredom –

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Pieces of moments. Life is filled with them.

Is very important to have your personal space but also share experiences with friends, family and other kind of people who appears along your life.

Flashes is what we get!

Get Rid of boredom

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Disconnect. Change the chip.

When the weekend starts is imperative to put our mental counter to zero.

I have no better feeling than when I fill my life with moments of happiness.

Merry Christmas!

Get rid of Boredom

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I like when I am focus on something but I am not aware of it.

My mind seems to be blank, But that’s not true, is pure fiction.

Without being consciuos of that, my mind explodes in a range of colors.

It’s working hard, doing its best.

Get rid of Boredom.


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