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Pieces of moments. Life is filled with them.

Is very important to have your personal space but also share experiences with friends, family and other kind of people who appears along your life.

Flashes is what we get!

Get Rid of boredom

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We had a plan! Skiing all weekend long…

But nature speaks in form of wind, snow and lots of other formats that kill our plans.

For this reason, our minds are our parachute. The parachute save us from a free fall into boredom.

Start a creative concert with your drums! Blow up!

Get rid of boredom


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Disconnect. Change the chip.

When the weekend starts is imperative to put our mental counter to zero.

I have no better feeling than when I fill my life with moments of happiness.

Merry Christmas!

Get rid of Boredom

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During our lives they try to lock up us between walls.

If this happen to you…

Play with them.

Get Rid of boredom


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Nobody knows how to get the exit from The Death Valley.

No paths to follow. When you’re inside, the only thing that keeps you alive is your mind.

Hope is the last thing that you should lose when you are taking risks.

We can play it safe or play it cool.

Follow the leader or make up all the rules.

Whatever you want, the choice is yours.

So choose!

Get RID OF boredoM

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