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Some things are priceless, here a piece of my list:

Having fun with friends.

Surfing with Eneko Acero until the light was invaded by darkness.

Meet new people and learn about other cultures.

Have your own moments.

And ride de longest left in Europe, Mundaka…

This is what I’ve being doing this Easter.



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Stampede on the hills while we drawing pictures on the ground.

Fun days shredding with family and friends enjoying the Christmas powder.

Share with those who love you and go out of the path.

PAVELVIDEBLOG wishes you a Happy New Year!

Get Rid of Boredom

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I’ve been waiting for this moment.

The boom of summer time.

Crossing the ocean.

Hot sand on toes.

I know getting lost in the blue.

Happiness hit me!

Get Rid of Boredom

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Be warned, this experience is not for the faint-hearted!

Push yourself to the limit and feel the blast of pure adrenaline as you plunge through the air!

Get or not get the pool, that is the question.

We have to repeat soon Axel Pons! but with new tricks and challenges!


Out of order. See you in September.

Get RID OF boredoM

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We had a plan! Skiing all weekend long…

But nature speaks in form of wind, snow and lots of other formats that kill our plans.

For this reason, our minds are our parachute. The parachute save us from a free fall into boredom.

Start a creative concert with your drums! Blow up!

Get rid of boredom


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Riding again.

Three months without doing this.

Sometimes we lose certain habits that are always good to recoup.

And doesn’t matter if at the end of the tour  your body falters.

My advice for 2013 is recuperate something that you left last year.

Something to make you throb!

GetRid OfBoredom

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Disconnect. Change the chip.

When the weekend starts is imperative to put our mental counter to zero.

I have no better feeling than when I fill my life with moments of happiness.

Merry Christmas!

Get rid of Boredom

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