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In the white room!
“The chemical that is likely most responsible for the giddy feeling of skiing powder is dopamine,” says Dr. Cynthia Thomson, a professor of kinesiology at the University of the Fraser Valley in British Columbia.



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Life is simple.

You make choices and you don’t look back.

Money will come and go, we all know that.

Experiences will keep you alive!

Get Rid of Boredom.

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Silver hills and silhouettes.

I’m gonna shake the ground and put my hands up to the sky

Everybody get powder


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In february I got two years…

I’ve been filming and editing what I like to do because my life without these moments becomes senseless.

This video is a compilation from the 42 episodes published in Pavelvideoblog.  It seems that this adventure is growing… if you don’t believe it just check the stats!


42 episodes and 13 categories.

47 different countries (Kuwait, Egypt, , New Caledonia, Rwanda, Indonesia, Canada, Australia, Singapur and more).

Visits from the 5 continents.

THANKS for Watching!

Get Rid of Boredom

Anuncio publicitario


The next February will be two years of Pavelvideoblog.

It all started between laughter and smiles, and step by step, has been taking shape.

Many joys and lots of hours of working but always with a basic ingredient: passion

For this reason, I will launch next month «The Summary»!

Stay tuned!

Get Rid of Boredom

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Stampede on the hills while we drawing pictures on the ground.

Fun days shredding with family and friends enjoying the Christmas powder.

Share with those who love you and go out of the path.

PAVELVIDEBLOG wishes you a Happy New Year!

Get Rid of Boredom

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Pieces of moments. Life is filled with them.

Is very important to have your personal space but also share experiences with friends, family and other kind of people who appears along your life.

Flashes is what we get!

Get Rid of boredom

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We had a plan! Skiing all weekend long…

But nature speaks in form of wind, snow and lots of other formats that kill our plans.

For this reason, our minds are our parachute. The parachute save us from a free fall into boredom.

Start a creative concert with your drums! Blow up!

Get rid of boredom


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Disconnect. Change the chip.

When the weekend starts is imperative to put our mental counter to zero.

I have no better feeling than when I fill my life with moments of happiness.

Merry Christmas!

Get rid of Boredom

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Esto es lo que hago y lo que me gusta hacer. Aquí empieza todo pero nunca se donde acabará. Comienzo este proyecto sobre mi vida con toda la ilusión del mundo. Este video no es más que un granito de arena que espero que vaya creciendo y creciendo hasta convertirse en una playa paradisiaca. Siempre mirando para arriba. Esto es lo que soy.

This is what I do and what I enjoy doing. Here it all begins but never know where it will end. I start this project of my life with all the enthusiasm of the world. This video is nothing more than a grain of sand that I hope it will grow and grow into a beach paradise. Always looking up. This is what I am.

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