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In february I got two years…

I’ve been filming and editing what I like to do because my life without these moments becomes senseless.

This video is a compilation from the 42 episodes published in Pavelvideoblog.  It seems that this adventure is growing… if you don’t believe it just check the stats!


42 episodes and 13 categories.

47 different countries (Kuwait, Egypt, , New Caledonia, Rwanda, Indonesia, Canada, Australia, Singapur and more).

Visits from the 5 continents.

THANKS for Watching!

Get Rid of Boredom

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Nobody knows how to get the exit from The Death Valley.

No paths to follow. When you’re inside, the only thing that keeps you alive is your mind.

Hope is the last thing that you should lose when you are taking risks.

We can play it safe or play it cool.

Follow the leader or make up all the rules.

Whatever you want, the choice is yours.

So choose!

Get RID OF boredoM

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A team of 3: Felipe, Janka and me.

Half of the race only with the second gear. Janka broke de shifter.

Finish the competition in the top 10. 8 of 20 teams.

Beat some rivals a priori better than us don’t have price.

Good work team!

Get rid of boredom.




Make your engine roar.

This means having fun with speed, gravitation and demanding terrain.

That is the essence of Enduro.

Ride, ride, ride and enjoy!

Get rid of Boredom.


After the game, the king and pawn go into the same box.

Competition, adrenalin, speed up, crashes, dust…

But only one goal:

Have fun.

Get rid of Boredom

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Esto es lo que hago y lo que me gusta hacer. Aquí empieza todo pero nunca se donde acabará. Comienzo este proyecto sobre mi vida con toda la ilusión del mundo. Este video no es más que un granito de arena que espero que vaya creciendo y creciendo hasta convertirse en una playa paradisiaca. Siempre mirando para arriba. Esto es lo que soy.

This is what I do and what I enjoy doing. Here it all begins but never know where it will end. I start this project of my life with all the enthusiasm of the world. This video is nothing more than a grain of sand that I hope it will grow and grow into a beach paradise. Always looking up. This is what I am.

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