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Then he raised his hand over the river, and he opened up a path through the water with a strong east wind.

We shall not cease from exploration because at the end this is price of a memory.

Love, like everything else in life, should be a discovery, an adventure, and like most adventures, you don’t know you’re having one until you’re right in the middle of it

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I don’t want to wait anymore, I’m tired of looking for answers!

Looking straight to on the road, can’t worry about what’s behind you or what’s coming for you further up the road.

I try to keep on keeping on.

I won’t take the easy road!

Get Rid Of Boredom

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The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

Be brave and aggressive. Be direct.

Grab all opportunities. Be versatile and agile.

Attack one target at a time don’t plan everything in detail.

Because there ain’t no journey what don’t change you some!



In february I got two years…

I’ve been filming and editing what I like to do because my life without these moments becomes senseless.

This video is a compilation from the 42 episodes published in Pavelvideoblog.  It seems that this adventure is growing… if you don’t believe it just check the stats!


42 episodes and 13 categories.

47 different countries (Kuwait, Egypt, , New Caledonia, Rwanda, Indonesia, Canada, Australia, Singapur and more).

Visits from the 5 continents.

THANKS for Watching!

Get Rid of Boredom


The next February will be two years of Pavelvideoblog.

It all started between laughter and smiles, and step by step, has been taking shape.

Many joys and lots of hours of working but always with a basic ingredient: passion

For this reason, I will launch next month «The Summary»!

Stay tuned!

Get Rid of Boredom

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Be warned, this experience is not for the faint-hearted!

Push yourself to the limit and feel the blast of pure adrenaline as you plunge through the air!

Get or not get the pool, that is the question.

We have to repeat soon Axel Pons! but with new tricks and challenges!


Out of order. See you in September.

Get RID OF boredoM

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Summers pass away like our watermarks fade…

The past is forgotten when you enjoy the present.

But sometimes is better to stop and think about what you did.

A great smile will be reflected in your face, now and before!

Get rid of Boredom

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We are not in the room

This year has been impossible to defend the championship.

But we are just the same as we were.

Next season will be time to build from the bottom of the pit right to the top.

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X Games

The X Games Barcelona was the first edition in Europe of this american sports event focused on action sports.

Travis Pastrana, Nate Adams, Bob Burnquist… were on action!! Also guys of 13n years old were there pushing hard.

Thanks to William for got 3 VIP passes! It was sick

Get Rid Of Boredom

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This video is a crash compilation and a special edition. Sometimes we fail trying to do our best but I have to aprecciate that all end up in scratches and bruises! Lots of dust but no broken bones! Lambs become Lions.

Today I celebrate the PAVELVIDEOBLOG’s birthday.

One year recording and editing part of my life. But who does this big are YOU!

If you don’t believe me just check the stats!

2.320 views / Visits from all continents.

29 different countries (Namibia, Lebanon, Thailand, United States, Sweden, Brazil, Hong Kong, Spain and more).

25 episodes in 1 year / 13 categories.

THANKS for Watching!

Get Rid of Boredom


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