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Opportunities come and go away.

Everybody knows the tale about the train that only cross one time…

Several days ago Barcelona awoke stunning, completely white.

It was worth exploit the panorama, and that’s what I did.

I set all my stuff and I started to play!


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When I was young I used to sail with my parents during the summer’s day.

But all of that has changed.

No matter if it’s cold, I can surf.

No matter if it’s warm, I can ski.

The temporality of things is lost. The thrill lasts over time in whatever you do.

Get rid of boredoM

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Pieces of moments. Life is filled with them.

Is very important to have your personal space but also share experiences with friends, family and other kind of people who appears along your life.

Flashes is what we get!

Get Rid of boredom

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