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This video is a crash compilation and a special edition. Sometimes we fail trying to do our best but I have to aprecciate that all end up in scratches and bruises! Lots of dust but no broken bones! Lambs become Lions.

Today I celebrate the PAVELVIDEOBLOG’s birthday.

One year recording and editing part of my life. But who does this big are YOU!

If you don’t believe me just check the stats!

2.320 views / Visits from all continents.

29 different countries (Namibia, Lebanon, Thailand, United States, Sweden, Brazil, Hong Kong, Spain and more).

25 episodes in 1 year / 13 categories.

THANKS for Watching!

Get Rid of Boredom


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We had a plan! Skiing all weekend long…

But nature speaks in form of wind, snow and lots of other formats that kill our plans.

For this reason, our minds are our parachute. The parachute save us from a free fall into boredom.

Start a creative concert with your drums! Blow up!

Get rid of boredom


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Name: Jacobo Torres

AKA: Caco, Jacobs, El Agresivo.

DOB: June 06, 1983.

Born: Barcelona, Spain

Hobbies: Skiing and Mountain biking

Training Ground: Baqueira Beret.

Relationship: Cousin

Special experience shared: World Trip 2008

Quote: Are you Batman and Robin?




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